Everything About Rafting

Take it to the extreme in Lebanon with a rafting trip on the wild rapids of the Al Assi River. A rafting trip is perfect for bold travelers, thrill seekers, risk takers, and adrenaline junkies. Whether you’ve had experience white water rafting before or you’re a beginner who wants to try it for the first time, Al Assi river rafting tours have something for everyone. Rest assured about gear and safety — we meet the highest international standards and take every precaution so that all you have to do is listen, paddle, and have a blast!


White water rafting became a mainstream extreme sport in the mid-1970s and has grown steadily in popularity since then. All over the world, enthusiasts and newcomers alike can tap into the power of nature by riding the rapids of rivers through the fun and excitement of rafting. For adults and kids of ages 8 and older, river rafting is a challenging and rewarding adventure sport. Rafting is a high-intensity outdoor activity that will leave you breathless (and wet!) so see what it’s all about on nature’s very own roller coast ride.


The intensity of a river is measured for rafting using the International Scale of River Rafting. According to this scale, there are six classes of water:

Class I (easy) — Small waves, clear passages and no serious obstacles. Skill level: very basic
Class II (medium) — Moderately rapid water with clear passages. Skill level: basic paddling and maneuvering
Class III (difficult) — White water with numerous waves, rocks, eddies, and rapids, requiring clearance through narrow passages. Skill level: some paddling experience and an expert guide
Class IV (very difficult) — High waves, long stretches of rapids, hazardous rocks, and boiling eddies. Skill level: some paddling and maneuvering experience and an expert guide
Class V (extremely difficult) — violent, long uninterrupted rapids, obstructed riverbeds, strong currents, steep grades and drops. Skill level: all passengers highly experienced in paddling, maneuvering, and scouting,

Al Assi rafting tours offer a range of difficulty.  Unlike many rivers, water levels remain high and predictable throughout the whole year. For families with small children or those who are looking for a more relaxed and scenic experience, there are routes with Class I waters interrupted by occasional Class II stretches.

For those who are ready for higher adventure, there are routes that offer a great combination of Class II and Class III rapids. Difficulty does not exceed Class III.  Ask your guide for details about current conditions.


The tours include new, high quality rafts that are fully equipped with paddles and all the requisite safety gear. In keeping with international protocol and safety standards, each passenger is required to wear a life vest and a helmet.

Please remember to bring the following:

1) A bathing suit.  If you wish to wear additional clothing over your bathing suit, keep in mind that you will get wet!
2) A towel.  Also bring a dry change of clothing for a more comfortable return trip
3) Proper footwear.  River sandals that strap securely to your feet are advisable. Tennis shoes are also acceptable, but do NOT wear flip flops or street sandals.

We recommend that you do NOT bring keys, wallets, cameras or any electronics onto the raft. The tour includes a lunch of trout, a local specialty!

Is rafting safe?

Although it is considered an extreme sport, river rafting tours are safe as long as all measures and precautions are taken. On Al Assi rafting tours, safety is our number one priority.

Our professional guides are trained and experienced in safety, first aid, and rescue. They will brief all the passengers, even those who have been rafting before, with paddling commands and instructions to follow while on the water.

Further, all rafts are well stocked with ropes and rescue equipment. Each passenger is required to wear a helmet and a life vest. By taking all possible safety precautions, we take great pride in assuring that rafting tours are fun, thrilling, and accident-free.

Insurance and Liability

We recommend that all passengers carry appropriate travel insurance in order to participate in the trip. If you have not already covered your trip with a general travel insurance policy that includes extreme sports, you can request the rafting trip insurance at a small additional cost.

As part of the rafting trip, you will sign a liability waver. You agree that you are of sufficient legal age to create binding legal obligations for any liability you may incur as a result of the trip.