Rafting Packages

Experience the best of the Lebanon rafting experience all year round through our special rafting packages. We have a one-day package tour and an overnight rafting and and camping package tour to choose from.

Rafting and Lunch on the Al Assi River (1 day trip)

Rafting in Al Assi river Lebanon

This trip is a great day excursion for rafting beginners, first-timers, and children of at least 8 years of age. No previous rafting experience is needed, as our expert guides will give you a briefing on commands and paddling techniques at the beginning of the trip. You’ll also be briefed on tips and safety guidelines.

The entire trip lasts approximately 2 hours 30 minutes, and the rafting route covers 7 kilometers of the Al Assi River. Guides have specially chosen a stretch of the river that features three fun waterfalls to keep the heart racing and the adrenaline pumping during the course of the trip. There are also calmer, smoother stretches where you can sit back and enjoy the fantastic scenery.

Included on the trip is the necessary rafting gear including a paddle, a helmet, and a life jacket for safety. You will need to bring your own river sandals or tennis shoes. Do not wear street sandals or flip flops. Remember to wear a swimsuit and a tee-shirt to wear on top if you wish. Keep in mind that you will get wet, possibly soaked. We recommend that you leave cameras, electronics, wallets, and keys behind while you’re on the raft.

If you arriving from Beirut, be sure to leave Beirut no later than 8am in order to arrive on site before 11am. Transportation to the site is not included in the trip. The itinerary allows enough time for the ride before a lunch of trout and regional specialties, which is included in the price of the trip.


Rafting and Camping on the Al Assi River (2 day trip)

For those who are seeking a total rafting and outdoor experience in Lebanon, rafting and camping on the Al Assi River is the rafting package for you! This two-day itinerary includes a stay at a campsite with several accommodation options followed by a day on the river where you will raft down 10 kilometers of the Al Assi River, navigating over wild rapids and thrilling waterfalls to keep the adrenaline levels high.

Day 1 of the trip involves arrival to the camp site. Transport to the camp site is not included in the price, and is located about 150 kilometers (2.5 hours) from Beirut. Arrive in time for a traditional dinner and campfire afterwards on weekends.

Day 2 of the trip includes a hearty breakfast of fresh, local products at 8am, followed by the 2 hour rafting session.  Afterwards, enjoy a lunch of fresh trout and other regional specialties before heading back to your point of origin. Don’t miss the nearby historical sites of Hermel on the way!

Campground facilities:
The campground is in the Al-Zwaytineh village of Hermel. Camp facilities on offer are large dorm-style rooms with beds and mattresses for large groups. For groups of six people or less, choose from bungalows or individual dome-style camping tents. The campground does provide bathrooms and showers, as well as a restaurant and cafeteria that serves local favorites, but it does not provide bedding or towels. Guests can enjoy the campground’s playground, basketball, and volleyball facilities, or even practice canoe and fishing in a small natural pool.

What to bring:
For each person, the trip includes the necessary rafting gear and safety equipment: a paddle, a helmet, and a life jacket. Please bring your own river sandals or tennis shoes. Street sandals or flip flops are not acceptable, as they could fall off. Be sure to wear a swimsuit and optional tee-shirt to put over it. Remember that you will get wet, possibly soaked. It is recommended that you leave cameras, electronics, wallets, and keys behind while on board the raft.

The price of the trip includes dinner, accommodations, breakfast, the rafting excursion, and lunch. It does not include transport to and from the camp site.