When you envision the ideal sailing location, it probably looks a lot like Lebanon. With 225 kilometers of Mediterranean coastline, over 300 days of sun per year, sparkling waters, and the occasional visit from playful dolphins, it is hardly surprising why many consider Lebanon to be a perfect setting for sailing.

Sailing Courses and Clubs
A popular recreational sport here, sailing in Lebanon has gained more ground in recent years after the approval of the Lebanese Yachting Federation, and the reinstatement of a number of yacht clubs post-civil war. The Lebanese Yacht Club, just north of Beirut, was initially founded in 1951, and after reopening in 2005, now operates some of the best sailing courses in Lebanon. Whether you’re a beginner, or more experienced, the sailing courses in Lebanon will cater to your level and goals by providing you with excellently qualified instructors and high quality boats.

Sailing History and Culture
Although Lebanon’s maritime history is varied and punctuated by civil war and political instability in the Middle East, the sailing culture and community in Lebanon are currently strong and active, with renewed passion and excitement for the sport. Yacht clubs, beaches, and resorts are sprinkled up and down the dramatic Lebanese coastline, and although the Jiyeh Power Station oil spill during the 2006 Israeli / Hezbollah conflict threatened to destroy the crystal-clear waters of Lebanon’s Eastern Mediterranean coast, the country has recovered relatively well, and continues to see the sport of sailing thrive on its shores. Sailing excursions, lessons, and rentals are popular with locals, foreigners, families, and sailors of all ages and experience levels.

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